August 30th – October 19th, 2014 • Saturdays, Sundays, & Labor Day Monday • 10:30am – 6:00pm


Your students will spend an entire day immersed in the culture, language and craftsmanship of the Renaissance with an array of interactive educational activities. You will receive a customized itinerary for your visit that includes a Student Experience schedule, a festival map, and suggested Themed Weekend special events as well as group meeting locations. Activities include:


* Interview Session with Queen Elizabeth - Meet the Queen and her Royal Court, discover what 16th Century life was like for a queen. 

* Full-Armored Jousting Tournaments - A living history as knights in shining armor battle atop war horses three times daily.

* Beowulf performed by The Mudde Show - A hilarious version of the classic.

* Meet & Greet with Villagers - Mingle with more than 100 costumed villagers who will answer questions and help students gain a deeper appreciation of the Renaissance era. 

* Math and Science Applications - Sample problems and answers pertaining to the fundamentals of the human-powered rides and authentic games of skill found at the festival can be found in the Curriculum Enhancement Guide. Students will have the opportunity to hypothesize, make time and distance calculations, perform actual experiments and present conclusions.

* Craft Demonstrations - Artisans display their techniques for glassblowing, weaving, blacksmithing, jewelry-making, candle-making and more.


Download the Curriculum Enhancement Guide and take advantage of classroom activities, discussion topics, and math and science applications broken down by grade level. Also, visit the Student & Teacher Links page for web sites to supplement teaching materials.