5 People Who Changed Elizabeth I Life

Throughout her life, people flocked to Elizabeth. Some sought alliances, others to fall into her favor. But only a few truly left an impact on her. From political allies to romantic partners, some stood out from the crowd and others who were most notable in their absence. I could easily have made a Top 10 […]

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Faire Swag

Go to a concert and take a good look around. You’ll be able to tell who in the audience is a newcomer versus a long time fan or roadie without even speaking to them. They’ll have a t-shirt that was only available at a tour ten years ago. Maybe their jacket was signed by the […]

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Let’s Make Hair Falls

The renaissance festival has long stood as a complex and wonderful means of exploration into history, anachronism, and popular culture. While its origins were ones of educational pursuits, the Faire has since grown into a convention as multifaceted as a diamond. The Ohio Renaissance Festival provides a diverse escape in many forms with each of […]

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The History of Willy-Nilly-on-the-Wash

Welcome to the real-life geographic location of Willy-Nilly-on-the-Wash, snugly tucked in between Warwick and Bishop’s Itchington roughly ninety miles from London. Rather, should I say the ‘theoretical’ location of Willy-Nilly, being that Willy-Nilly exists best and truly in the hearts and minds of its people and primarily in Harveysburg, OH. To be fair, this is […]

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Let’s Make a Goblet Cover

Nothing quite beats a cold drink on a hot day at faire! You take the brand new mug or goblet you bought, saunter on over to the bar and have the lovely beer wench fill it to the brim. As you head out into the streets and onto the next show, you want to be […]

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Let’s Make a Feathered Faire Hat

With only 7 weeks left, now is about the time when I start getting the ‘faire-jitters’. The excitement is building and I find myself thinking about what I can do to satisfy that urge. Last week we talked about the creativity which the Ohio Renaissance Festival inspires and how it drives us to add a […]

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