Social Media Policy

Ohio Renaissance Festival Social Media User Guidelines

The Ohio Renaissance Festival is pleased to provide a forum for sharing and interacting with others about their festival experience. Our goal is to build a thriving community on our social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) that allows users to connect and share about visiting the festival. The viewpoints, opinions and actions expressed in comments are those of the individuals themselves, and may not reflect Ohio Renaissance Festivalpolicies or positions.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival seeks to provide an online community where people with all kinds of views, theories, and concerns can express themselves, can share information, and can interact with one another. Any messages or stories shared on these sites may be used in other Ohio Renaissance Festival marketing activities.

Please review our online community guidelines regarding your responsibilities and the Ohio Renaissance Festival’s role in the community.

Be respectful. It is okay to disagree with others but cutting down or insulting individuals will not be tolerated. The Ohio Renaissance Festival at its sole discretion, will remove comments which use obscenities, personal insults, ethnic slurs or other disparaging language.

Protect your privacy. We never will share or sell your personal information used to create your account with any third party, but keep in mind that comments on our social networks are visible to the general public. To protect your privacy, don’t post any personal information such as email addresses, telephone numbers or street addresses in your comments. Doing so may make you susceptible to spam and unauthorized communication.

Links to other web sites. The Ohio Renaissance Festival is not responsible for the content of any web site linked to a comment by one of our users, any link contained in a linked web site, or any changes or updates to such web sites. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by the Ohio Renaissance Festival of that web site.

The bottom line. The Ohio Renaissance Festival reserves the right to delete or edit any comments or postings at any time. Users who persist in violating these social media guidelines may be barred from posting to any Ohio Renaissance Festival social media site.

Who to contact with questions. Any questions regarding the Ohio Renaissance Festival social networks may be emailed directly to the moderator at If you are seeking information about visiting the Ohio Renaissance Festival please contact us at or call 513-897-7000.