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Begin your adventure at the 33rd Annual Ohio Renaissance Festival

Your fairytale comes to life in our 16th century village filled with thrilling shows, food & drink, unique shops, and a fantasy adventure like no other!


Audition for the Ohio Renaissance Festival

Join our village and help us create the immersive environment of Willy-Nilly

Audition Dates
JUNE 25 & JULY 9, 2022
Starting at 9 am

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We feature over 100 shows daily. Hold your breath watching the dueling swordsmen, daring fire jugglers, or the joust.

Food & Drink

Enjoy dozens of savory offerings at the Ohio Renaissance Festival! Turkey legs, burgers, pulled pork and of course…beer!


Our sprawling village is filled with shoppes featuring home-made crafts, ambiance, and charm of a time over 400 years past.

Special Events

Where will we see you next? Join in one of these Special Events, from shows to the pub crawl, to have even more fun during your visit.

Our Village is Bursting at the seams with...




Daily Performances






Themed Weekends



Never Been To Our Festival Before?

If this is your first time at our festival check out our FAQ and Tips and Tricks to make the most of your festival day!

Are You Festival Royalty?

You love the festival and know everything about it! Check out the themed weekends so you can plan your next perfect adventure at ORF!


    June 18, 2022

    Celtic Culture Comes to Life Around You. Music, food, Border Collies and Irish Wolf Hounds, step dance, bagpipes, and much more

    Learn More
  • Great Q and Frosty Brew

    May 5 – Fall, 2022

    A rustic outdoor eatery with award winning BBQ

    Learn More
  • Sow terror. Reap fear. Harvest time is here.

    Late September – October, 2022 | Friday & Saturday Nights

    Ready for a scary good time?

    Learn More

    Open All Year Round!

    A Real Working Neolithic Sun Henge In The Heart Of Central Ohio

    Here Comes The Sun

    November 25 – December 17, 2022

    Renaissance Park in Warren County Ohio offers a warm glow Fridays & Saturdays November – December. The village beckoning you to take in light shows, enjoy hot food & drinks while you wander through our Yuletide Market.

    Make Your Holiday Magical

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Such a gorgeous day today! I went for a walk at a local metro park with my mom and wand.of.smiles and saw so many good things! Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Trillium, ramps, and TWO rat snakes - one of which was ON A TREE! Amazing! Of course, this adventure delayed my sewing plans for today, but the gears are finally turning on a new cosplay!

This picture is a throwback to the Renaissance Festival last year! I’m looking forward to going again in a few months!

📸: castdisguiseself

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Psyching myself up for a new project! Of course it’s last-minute, but I was undecided until people started asking me if I was going to dress up again for the end of the school year. Gonna re-wear some successful outfits and the goal is two new. We’ll see!

📸: castdisguiseself

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Ever find costume pieces becoming part of your daily wardrobe? This skirt was made to be something I could wear outside of the RenFaire too, but I didn’t expect to wear it so much! Wearing it today and it always makes me happy (even though it’s about an inch too long and I really should re-hem it, but I dunwanna)

📸: castdisguiseself

#ohiorenaissancefestival ohiorenfest #orf #orf21 #orf2021 #orfstories #particolor #garb #flowergarland #ohiocosplayer #faire #renfaire #renfairecostume

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New Village Voices from @Lemon.Apocalypse :Amongst the mysterious and cryptic bogs and rivers of Mount Uncius thrives the toxic breed of Shroomdem; the Excelsa. A living cross between the common grey amanita and inked webcaps, the Exclesa (unlike any other species) are blessed with the ability to control their own toxicity. The masks worn are used to shield their identity from unwanted predators of the marshes, as well as to protect other travelers from the slimly poison secreted from their sunken-in eyes. To themselves, the poison is no threat but rather an advantage against threatening intruders. They are the silent protectors of the neighboring villages, sworn to protect the lands within the mountain as a result of their treaty with the non-toxic villagers. #orfvillagevoices #ohiorenaissancefestival #orf2022 #rennies #renfaire #renaissancefestival #orfstories #cosplay ...

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New Village Voices from Sylvia Call: As with other fans of the Ohio Renaissance Festival, I love frolicking about on the magical grounds of Willy Nilly. When we are smack dab in the middle of the off-season, however, I have worked hard to turn my home into a magical sanctuary where our little hobbit family can enjoy second breakfast while we wait about to hear the blast of the cannons heralding the start of the 2022 Ohio Renaissance Festival season. #orfvillagevoices #orf2022 #ohiorenaissancefestival #renfaire #rennie #renaissancefestival #orfans #orfstories #homedecor #diy #aesthetic ...

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Dreaming of adventure!

The chapel at the Ohio Renaissance Festival is seriously one of the best places to get cute photos, if you can catch it when it’s not full of performances or weddings! But somehow, the light is always really good on this side of the building.

📸: castdisguiseself (probably)

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I got a better bow and quiver, but haven’t gotten any pictures with them. They’ve been living at castdisguiseself ‘s house for her Vex. 😒

We’ve got chilly spring weather here. I wish it was about ten degrees warmer. I’m hoping to catch the cherry blossoms for some photos, but we’ll see!

#ohiorenaissancefestival #orf #orfstories #orf2019 #dungeonsanddragoncon #marriottcarpet #cultofthemarriottcarpet #halfelfranger #dndoc #dndcharacter #dungeonsanddragons ohiorenfest

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Have you tried out the Game Hall? Steampunk Symposium has dozens of wonderful games for you to try first hand! #steampunkconvention #steampunksymposium22 #steampunk #Cincinnati #orfstories #ttrpg #tabletopgames ...

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