Show Schedule


Check back soon for a full schedule of shows, bands, and street characters.

Need a Map?

The Royal Procession


The Royal Procession can be seen throughout the realm.

Knighting Ceremony

1:30 pm

The queen grants titles every festival day at St. Peter’s Church

Special Guests and Events

Watch the Marquee Board at the Front Gate for Special Guests and Event Times!

Dances, Chess Match, & Stories

Eight Hands Round Village Dance at the Maypole 1 pm & 4:30 pmMaypole, Upson Downs
Court Dance11 amMarket Square
Human Combat Chess Match! 3:30 pmChess Field
Magical Creatures and Magical StoriesTBAStorytime Stage in Urchins Alley

In The Lanes

Dylan Robertson wandering with his amazing guitarThroughout the Grounds
Donal Hinely Glass HarmonicaBards Lane
Captain John StoutCaptain John Stout
Living StatueThroughout the Grounds
Spark the FairyThroughout the Grounds
Matthew Albeson Flying Dulcimer
Market Square
The Bishop Market Square

* Schedule subject to change without notice.