Artisan Marketplace

The Ohio Renaissance Festival is home to one of the largest and most unique open-air Marketplaces in Ohio.

The sprawling village of shoppes is filled with the ambiance and charm of a time over 400 years past. Over 150 master artisans and craftsmen come from all over the country to demonstrate the lost art of their crafts at this exceptional event. All craft items must be handmade and meet specific criteria in keeping with the Renaissance time period.

Shops by Location

Bard’s Lane | Wanderer’s Way | Troll Crossing | Market Square | Minstrel’s Grove | Poet’s Crossing | Upson Downs |Tent’s & Vardo Wagons

Shop names in blue = demonstrating artist

Bard’s Lane

Coppersmith Studios – Copper Fountains & Sculpture

Damsel in this Dress – Handmade Corsets, Skirts, Blouses, Jackets & Vests

Rainbow Crystal – Prism Suncatchers & Pendants

Art of Ed Beard Jr – Custom Art Prints, Tapestries, Sculptures & Cards

Ear Art – Ear Cuffs & Jewelry

New World Mugs & Woods – Handcrafted Wooden Mugs & Other Items

Unicorn Clothing – Clothing & Accessories

Red River Damascus/Stonewick – Knives, Swords, Axes and Stone Candles, Carved Wine Racks, Wooden Candles

Sky Chairs – Canvas Hanging Chairs & Accessories

Lost Viking Hoard – Mugs, Dolls, Chests, Leather Items

The Enchanted Shire – Clay Sculpture, Dragon Eggs & Wands

World Wisdom Festival – Educational Program Coming in 2020

The Gilded Lily – Handmade Paper Products, Jewelry & Accessories

Medieval Mapmaker – Hand Drawn Historical & Fantasy Maps

Vardo Delights – Moroccan Lanterns & Wind Chimes

Tatted Gypsy & Threads – Tatted Items, Tapestries & Dolls

Your Hand in Wax

The Queen’s Bloomers – Fresh Flowers and Waxed Flowers

Melting Dragon Candles – Handmade Candles & Accessories

Sage Woman – Reader

Manes Managed – Hairbraiding

Armory Games – Medieval & Renaissance Themed Board Games

Vllad, Viking Guy – Leather and Fur Items & Accessories

A Viking Wife – Weaving, Knitting, Crochet: Hats, Mitts, Mittens, Scarves, Bags, Wraps, Shawls & Amigurumi

Wanderer’s Way

Silver Squirrel – Jewelry & Clothing

Wolf’s Moon Apothecary – Aromatherapy

Siege the Day – Handmade Replica Siege Weapons

Ye Olde Wizards & Dragons – Wizard, Dragon & Fantasy Items

Master Jennings – Polymer Clay Angels, Pixies & Paintings

Swendsen Woodshoppe – Wooden Toys, Swords & Shields

Pigasus Books – Historically Themed Books

Catskill Mountain Moccasins – Handcrafted Boots & Velvet Pouches

Dragon’s Fire Apothecary by Naturecraft – Fragrant Beeswax Bath, Body, Candle, Cosmetic, Homegoods, Incense, Oils, Wax Melts & More

Crimson Chain Leatherworks – Handcrafted Leather Items

Braided Image – Hair Braiding

Merlyn’s Garden – Tarot Readings, Magic Plants, Runes & Crystal Balls

Authentic Wardrobe – Men’s and Women’s Clothing

Jewelry Creations & More by Cher Bear – Jewelry

Little Shop of Jingles – Gypsy Jewelry & Accessories

Sofi’s Stitches – Period Clothing For Men, Women & Children

Rogues to Riches –Handcrafted Leather Masks

Wandering Wizards – Handcrafted Magic Wands & Wizard Staffs

Father Son & Friends – Traditional Celtic Items

Enchanted Images – Costumed Photography

In Cahoots – Fairy Tree, Original Paintings, Prints & Glassworks

Troll Crossing

Bards & Broad – Corsetry

Romantique – Elegant Tiaras, Headpieces & Accessories

Creations in Glass – Glass Sculptures & Demos

Burnt Mountain Crafts – Wood Swords, Shields & Staffs

Princessories – Period Jewelry

Knightslady Apothecary – Handmade Apothecary Items

Legacy Forge – Handcrafted Weapons

Argent Rose Studios – Copper Sculptures

Son of Sandlar – Leather Boots & Shoes

Gypsy Spirit – Gypsy Skirts, Hip Scarves

Market Square

Burning Desire Glass Creations – Handblown Glass Items & Demos

Cloaked in Shadows – Hand Sewn Cloaks & Robes

Brazin Lady Torchworks – Sculptures

Historical Research Center – Family Histories

Danny Boy Pipes – Handmade Pipes

Dragon Ocarinas – Handcrafted Ocarina Clay Flutes & Songbooks

Global Scent Travel – Oils & Incense

Johnson’s Wood of the Morning – Hand Carved Art Sticks & Crystal Topped Sticks

The Honorable Company of Metalsmiths – Astronomy Instruments & Puzzle Rings

Blue Flame Trading Post – Leather Items

Silver Sword & Stone – Swords, Knives & Jewelry

Celtic Marketplace – Embroidered Handmade Bags, Sarongs, Tapestries & Suncatchers

The Feather Place – Feathers & Fans

Saxony Leather – Leather Apparel & Accessories

Dragon’s Head Forge – Blacksmithing Demos, Functional & Decorative Items

Wax Chandler Guild By Naturecraft– Handmade Beeswax Candles, Cosmetics, Lotions, Lip Butters, Brooms & Homegoods

Minstrel’s Grove

Crystal Dragon Eggs – Geodes

World of Shandahar – Renaissance Themed Books

Valkyrie Pewter – Figurines, Sculptures, Jewelry

Safer Swords – Safe Foam Swords

Poet’s Crossing

King of the Crown – Hats & Jewelry

Badger Blades – Handcrafted Weapons

Medieval Metal – Hairwraps & Accessories

Wee Dragon – Children’s Clothing & Accessories

St. Sadie’s Soaps – Handmade Soaps, Lotions & Oils

Alexandra’s Adornments – Period Jewelry

The Goblin Trader – Dragons, Fairies, Sculptures & Books

Boss Wench – Clothing

Uncommon Adornments – Handcrafted Celtic & Mythical Jewelry

Pirate’s Treasures – Treasures from Land and Sea

Journeyman Leather – Leather Doublets & Bodices

Bowskin Archery – Traditional, Historical, & Fantasy Archery Products, Bowmaker’s Kits, Supplies & More

Magical Butterflies

Upson Downs

Staffs by Gust – Copper Sculptures & Staffs

Standing Stone Herbs – Herbs, Teas & Pottery

The Griffin Works – Handcrafted Leather Items

Fakir’s Legacy Wire – Unique Jewelry

Healing Hands – Massage Therapy & Aromatherapy

White Pavilion Clothing – Clothing & Accessories for Men, Women & Children

Royal Armoury – Wooden Swords & Shields

Stillwater Chainmaille – Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories

Pens & More – Turned Wood Pens & Accessories

Dragon & Unicorn – Leather Drinking Mugs

Ladysmith – Sterling Silver Jewelry & Crystals

The Potters Haus – Handspun Yarn, Woven & Knit Wares, Pottery & Baskets

Ye Olde World Trendz – Belly Dancing, Tribal Clothing & Accessories

Brown Cow Art – Leather Items

Readings by Rossana – Tarot/Intuitive Counseling

Immortelle Bijouterie – Renaissance Era Inspired Jewelry & Regalia

Facepainter’s Cottage – Face Painting

A Roguish Highlander – Scottish Men’s Clothing

Magical Butterflies – Children’s Toys

Dayton’s Celtic Connection – Handmade Celtic Jewelry

The Wired Viking – Wire Woven & Wrapped Jewelry With Modern & Historical Influences

Wild-crafted Percussion & Musical Instruments – Gourd Utensils & Gourd Musical Instruments

The Henna Harem – Henna Art

Ancient Arts – Fine Art & Jewelry

Stick Bow Archery – Handmade Bows, Arrows & Crossbows

The Royal Garland – Handmade Floral Hairpieces

Creations Under Sun & Moon – Agate Wind Chimes, Jewelry & Lapidary

Quilts for Colde Knights – Quilts, Tapestries & Wall Hangings

Art by Nigel Sade – Art Prints & Pirate Personality

Wooden Dragon Toy Shoppe – Wooden Dragons & Toys

Aradani Studios – Elf Ears & Fantasy Art

Tents & Vardo Carts

  • 3 Carrot Gemstone Mine
  • AC5 Chainmaille
  • Astral Apothecary
  • Blooms & Shrooms
  • Captured Curls
  • Dragon’s Fire Design Studio
  • The Dragon’s Roost
  • Fairy Haven I
  • Fairy Haven II
  • Fellowship Foundry Pewtersmiths
  • Fiona’s Rentals
  • For Leather After
  • Garden Gothic
  • Heekin Pewter
  • Henna Body Art
  • Higher Ground
  • Imaginarium Galleries
  • John’s Wood
  • Karneval Masque
  • King of Cups
  • The Leather Arts Store
  • Medieval Metal #2
  • Minotaurs Labyrinth of Leather
  • Mother Hatty’s Hat Shoppe
  • Mugged by Griffin Works Leather
  • Oddfellows Attire
  • Queen’s Keypsakes
  • The Ramp Hatchery
  • Rice Originals
  • Ruth Thompson Fantasy Art
  • Scottish Online Store
  • Spins & Whistles
  • Teague Gardens
  • Tread Light
  • Treasurefarie
  • Valhalla’s Horde
  • Vitam et Mortem
  • Where the Gods Live
  • Wizard Wyrks Wands

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