festival Foods, Pubs, and Taverns

From turkey legs to funnel cakes, beer to mead you’ll never go hungry during our grand celebration!

Festival Foods

(V) = Vegetarian | (G) = Gluten Free

1572 Roadhouse Bar-B-Q

Located in Bard’s Lane

(G) Pulled Pork Sandwich or Platter, (G) Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich or Platter, Texas Hot Link Sandwich, Baked Beans, (V) Mac & Cheese, (V) Peach Cobbler, (V) Blackberry Cobbler

Aleing Knight Pub

Located in Upson Downs

(G) King’s Weinie, Guinness 1/2 Pound Hot Dog, Fingers ‘n Tots, Smothered Tots, Scotch Egg, Spicy Cheese Curds, (V) Wedge Fries, (V) Tots, Spicy Corn Nuggets, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cheesecake on a Stick, Brown Butter Tart

Archibald Drake’s

Located in Poet’s Crossing

Fish & Chips

Bourbon Chicken

Located in Dragon’s Lair

Fresh-grilled chicken covered in bourbon sauce and served on a bed of rice with gassy beans, fresh fruit cup

Bread Bowl

Located in Bard’s Lane

Mac ‘n Cheese, Beef Stew, Potato soup, Chili

Burger Shack

Located in Bard’s Lane

(G) Hamburger, (G) Cheeseburger, (G) Grilled Chicken Breast, Chips

Davinci’s Pizza

Located in Bard’s Lane

Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza by the Slice or by the Pie, Celtic Potato Pizza (Gluten-Free crust available.)

Earl of Corn

Located in Poet’s Crossing

Fresh Roasted Corn on the Cob

Fairy Fries

Located in Market Square

Ribbon cut potatoes, plain or loaded

Fat Friar’s

Located in Troll Crossing

Funnel Cake with Sugar, Funnel Cake with Fruit, Fried Twinkie, Fried Snickers, Fried Buckeyes, Fried Reese Cup

Garden of Eatin

Located in Dragon’s Lair

Gourmet 8 oz Burgers, Fresh cut potato fries served plain or loaded

Jack Frost’s Ice Shack

Located in Dragon’s Lair

Home of the Oh My! Dole Whip (G, V), Shaved Ice, Chocolate Dipped Frozen Strawberries, Bananas and Marshmallows

Jerky Cart

Located in Tents & Carts

Seasoned Beef Jerky

Jerusalem Cafe

Located in Dragon’s Lair

Authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. Authentic Middle Eastern cuisine including (G) Jerusalem Mix, Wraps, (G) Chicken Shawarma, (G,V) Falafel, (G,V) Hummus, (G,V) Stuffed Grape Leaves, Turkish Coffee, Baklava, (G) Kabobs

King’s Nuts

Located in Poet’s Crossing

Roasted Almonds, Cashews, Pecans, Caramel Apples, and Lemonade

KJ’s Cajun Cuisine

Located in Minstrel’s Grove

Authentic cuisine from across the pond down-south

Marco Polo’s Bistro

Located in Wanderer’s Way

Fresh chicken, beef, shrimp or Kailua pork tacos served in a variety of sauces, Chocolate dipped cheesecake, strawberries, bananas and marshmallows, Fresh Fruit Cups

New World Knoll

Located in Troll Crossing

(G) Turkey Leg, Haggis, Sausage Roll, Smoked Gouda Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese Bites, Chicken ‘n Chips, Irish Whiskey Boneless Wings, Steak and Ale Pie, (GV) Loaded Baked Potatoes, (GV) Roasted Garlic Mushrooms

Peasant’s Orchard

Located in Poet’s Crossing


Pickle Cart

Located in Tents & Carts

Seasoned Dill Pickles

Queen’s Pub

Located in Gamer’s Grove

Wood-fired pizzas

Rose and Crown

Located in Wanderer’s Way

(G) Turkey Leg, Chicken Fingers ‘n Fries, (G) Steak on a Stake, Steak Sandwich, Teryaki Salmon Sandwich, Loaded Fries, Bratwurst Sandwich, Potato Crab Tots, (G) Apple Dumpling, Blueberry Cake, Belgian Waffle Sundae, Brownie Sundae

The Corn Crib

Located in Bard’s Lane

Fresh roasted kettle corn

The Queen’s Cream

Located in Bard’s Lane

Premium Soft Serve Ice Cream